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UnHackMe Reviews

UnHackMe Reviews

UnHackMe is a system program that protects and bouts against malware. It provides a protective shield against Trojans and guards your computer against other potential threats. Initially, it was programmed to function as anti-rootkit software in 2005. Nonetheless, recently it is successfully eradicating the following numerous spiteful software:

  • Instantaneous malevolent tracking code system.
  • Key loggers
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Rootkits
  • Unwanted programs
  • Popup Ads
  • Search transmitting

UnHackMe Reviews – Enthralling features of the App

Recognition Technique:

When App is installed it immediately starts working and detecting rootkits, Adware, Spyware, Bot, Trojan and malware suspiciously present on the computer system. Only in five to seven seconds app requires to complete its process, its speed of detection and confiscation is incredible. The App permits the operator to remove the disputed file or to put it in seclusion, the decision is entirely up to the users’ will.

Gridlock System Files:

The app is amazing in its quick gridlock options. It allows the user to recover system files rapidly in case of a virus outbreak. It has the distinction on other anti-rootkit apps to detect and fight against bugs.

Compatible with Other Antivirus Apps:

The app is so generous in its functionality that it has nothing to do with other antiviral and anti-rootkit software. It is highly compatible with its job in the presence of other apps.

UnHackMe is not an Antivirus:

It is not an antivirus for the protection of your system, in fact, it is the most curative addition to your already installed antivirus. Its capacity to fix bugs is beyond your expectations.

How It Acts Differently:

There are many viruses that are difficult to detect, they can swindler your antivirus. They make their hidden spaces in Windows registry, scheduled tasks, shortcuts, and WMI. Sometimes it is disguised as a URL of a malevolent site. The anti-rootkit software is so pleasing and satisfying in its detection of such hidden creepy bugs. It is capable to fix file less malware.

Miscellaneous Beguiling Characteristics – UnHackMe Reviews
  • Inspect Windows shortcuts.
  • Scan Windows startup programs, services, and drivers.
  • It scans deeply Adware, PUPs and Spyware created junk files.
  • It inspects browsers search setting and add-ons.
  • It thoroughly checks the host’s file and DNS setting.
  • It uses its own database for programs that you should expel out from your computer system.
  • It vigorously detects the previously concealed malware, and take rapid action to make your system bug free.
  • Its one-month free trial is interesting and fascinating. It is spectacular in keen detection, quick removal, and compact support.
  • It educates the operator to examine the problems and remove apprehensive and mistrustful items.
  • It allows the user to keep his full hold on the entire features of the app.
  • The app is tiny and light weighted.
  • It does not put any burden on the CPU of your computer.
  • It permits you to adapt your own scheduling depends on your programming requirements.

Info Profile of the App:

  • Developer: Greatis Software
  • Version: 7.10
  • Shareware: 15.19 MB
  • Compatible for: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, MacOS X
  • Language availability: English and others.

UnHackMe software is a great utility for users. It is highly gainful for multiple types of users. Its functional diversity is extensive for professional users and amateur users. It safeguards your system from numerous potential threats and keeps your system up-to-date and bug-free. It acts as a flash, consumes minimized time for its magic to play. It is actually like a spell to feel how it takes a few seconds to eradicate your system from stubborn and trickster bugs. Its efficacy and usefulness are incontestable. According to my experience, it is enforced for your system.

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