About Us

Hey, Good to see you are interested to know about us. Well, let me start by introducing myself. Well, you can guess I am the writer who creates and publishes all the content on this Website. My name is Usama and I am working under the cool supervision of Mr. Shehzad (the blogger) who is also the owner of this website. You must have guessed again by our names that we are based in South Asia. Our work is to see what software you people are looking and then share a solution to use that software free of cost.

Our Background?

Well, we are IT guys! I am myself a Software Engineer and Mr. Shehzad is a Freelancer and a blogger. Our other team members are also IT related people but they are not that important to be discussed on About Us page. We also have to use many software tools regularly for our work. It was really irritating to purchase an activation key every time we had to use a new software. We knew the solution to that and this is what we share with you amazing people on our amazing website CrackItHub.

What Are We Doing Here?

We know all good software are very expensive to purchase but we can’t deny their importance. So our team works day and night to get all the software and their cracks which we then share on our website for you to download free of cost. Our goal is to have every crack and software solution available on our website for our viewers. Now all formalities aside, it is just good business and we are trying to earn some money here. However, we do work very hard to arrange these real cracks and keys that we share with you.

We are Better than Others!

Hell yeah, we are better than others. But let’s talk about this website for now. You should bookmark our website and keep visiting us regularly because we share the real software setups with real working Cracks and Keys. Other websites just rank their pages on Google but they are too lazy to actually find and share the cracks and solutions. Our website won’t disappoint you in this matter. You will definitely get what you come here for.