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Window blinds themes – Customization for Windows

Window blinds themes

Window blinds themes enable you to administer your windows looks while allowing you to embellish your desktop interface peculiarly. Moreover, this software promotes professionalization of look and feel of Microsoft Windows by allowing its user to customize visual styles. So, implement these visual styles which are resignedly known as skins and make the user interface uniquely yours. Customize start menu, window frames, title bars, menus, control buttons, taskbar, scroll bars and get ready to work in an appealing field. Either choose a skin available at windows blinds or download a wide variety of animated wallpapers from below link.

Features of window blinds themes:-


  • Selected skins offer numerous sub-styles thus serving you with a vast range of themes. Therefore, you come across countless choices which facilitate your task of selecting reflection of your personal taste. However, the utility also allows you to save your style combinations as presets in order to access quickly later on.
Window blinds themes

Customization of Windows Blind Themes

Modify skins:

  • You can modify any of the downloaded skins or default windows themes according to your personal liking.


  • Furthermore, changing fonts of the skin is not at all complicated.


  • This specific feature of window blinds themes encourages smooth amalgamation of skins into backgrounds.


  • Above all, window blinds is qualified enough to change the colors of your chosen skin instantly through its configuration menu.


  • This software utility serves you with so many alluring textures and therefore allows its users to accurately personalize any skin.

Explorer backgrounds:

  • You can now customize dull and boring white explorer windows with the help of creative explorer backgrounds.

Convenient set up:

Easily accessible and simplified configuration menu promotes quick customization and personalization of your desktop interface. Moreover, you are allowed to have a preview of all the alterations you made to desktop before the final application.


Once you are done with customization of your skin, you can save your final creation in the form of a preset. To clarify, preset enables you to preview all the adjustments you made to your skin in the near past. Furthermore, it also allows you to implement the previously edited skin immediately when needed. In addition, this feature allows you to tweak your skin so you can update or delete it as per requirement.

Randomized skins:

This is indeed a highly appreciable characteristic of window blinds themes. In other words, get ready to amaze yourself with the new captivating skin on every log on. As this interesting utility allows you to modify skins randomly at timed intervals.

Per application skinning:

You can certainly select different skins for word processing software and design programs. Similarly, you can choose distinctive skins for varied application types individually.

Design your own skin:

Window blinds are typically accompanied with a very proficient application known as SkinStudio. While employing the utility of the SkinStudio, you can create more skins yourself. Hence, you can successfully alter taskbars, fonts, color backgrounds, in fact, your entire desktop interface in a more creative way.

Ease of use:

SkinStudio is quite a helpful program for newbies when it comes to making awesome skin in no time. As it performs majority of the job while the user will have to customize required parts of windows interface only. However, experienced users can explore designing with SkinStudio to the fullest.

System requirements:

Windows 10/8/7

Lastly, the software comes with a 30-day trial period for free. On the other hand, if you want to buy it in order to enjoy this feature-rich utility deeply, then it is available at $9.99.

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