Support for windows 7 is going to expire.?

Windows 7 and its Support:

Support for Windows 7

Nothing is eternal in this world and neither is Windows 7. To clarify, Microsoft plans to mark a full stop to the extended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. It was certainly a hit release of 2009 and introduced advanced interface elements and improved window management. Moreover, window7 is quite easier on system resources as well. Above all, its amazing features attracted so many Windows XP holdouts. However, users of windows7 must look forward to upgrade their PCs to windows10 as per the recommendation of Microsoft. Because the countdown to the end of Windows 7 lifecycle has begun. In addition, Microsoft will not furnish your PCs under windows7 with security updates against latest viruses after the due date.

Features of windows 7 that we have?

Windows 7 certainly holds almost everything, we wish to experience and enjoy in an OS. Below you are going to visit a gallery of windows 7 features so let’s start the trip.

  • Serves you best through quick loading and running of programs.
  • Moreover, windows 7 easily adjusts with a wide variety of third-party peripherals. To clarify, it has the potential to connect instantly and easily with printers, music players and all sorts of gadgets.
  • It owns a fast and precise built in search engine which is quite helpful in searching all documents and programs.
  • Above all, windows 7 is absolutely proficient in offering ways to handle innumerable open windows and all the dispersed files. Through windows 7, Microsoft has become a leading company in unveiling more and more options to deal with cluttered machine.
  • The verstality of the taskbar does not deserve ignorance. Most importantly, you can pin items to the taskbar and can also enjoy incredible benefits of jump list.
  • Showstopper is certainly an Aero interface. It enables you to see behind the windows on your desktop. Moreover, it is the off the record reason of clean and professional look of windows 7.
  • Furthermore, it has come up with amazing themes.
  • Last but not the least, windows 7 owns an excellent Action Center which certainly acts as a warning system for your PC. In other words, Action Center alerts you of any problem before it gets adverse.

Support for Windows 7 is ending January 14, 2020?

Microsoft certainly possesses various support levels therefore, stopped mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2015. But this operating system is undergoing extended support of Microsoft which will last till january 14, 2020. Likewise, Microsoft plans to end support for internet explorer on a Windows 7 PC on the same date. So before the arrival of the scheduled date, pour your focus to upgrade to a modern OS windows10. As a result of which you will not encounter any sort of interruption in technical assistance and software updates.

While following the procedure of upgrading, we advise users of windows7 to move to a new device having windows10. Nowadays, PCs are faster, lightweight, competent, and reasonably priced at the same time. So, opting for a new device to enjoy promotion to the latest and supported OS is not a big deal. However, you can buy and install a full version of windows10 software on the same compatible windows7 PCs as well.


In 2009, when ultra-low-power notebooks were popular above all, windows7 proved a blockbuster. But as we told you earlier that they are going to expire soon so we can see the bright future of Windows 10 rather than Windows 8. This is because the latter has been certainly considered a misstep by Microsoft itself. However, Installing and activating after end of support for Windows 7 will strike your PC negatively. Because the lack of security updates will make your device quite vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

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